TRW JRM487 Steering Gear for Renault

TRW JRM487 Steering Gear for Renault
TRW JRM487 Steering Gear for Renault
TRW JRM487 Steering Gear for Renault

TRW JRM487 Steering Gear for Renault
TRW JRM487 Steering Gear for RENAULT. For left-hand drive vehicles. 49 00 165 14R. 77 11 368 394. 82 00 088 495. 82 00 324 632. 82 00 463 517. 82 00 666 756. GRAND SCÉNIC II (JM0/1_). 1.5 dCi (JM02, JM13). 1.5 dCi (JM1E). Vehicle Equipment : for vehicles with power steering. 1.9 dCi (JM0G, JM12, JM1G, JM2C). 1.9 dCi (JM14). 1.9 dCi (JM15). 2.0 dCi (JM1K). MEGANE II (BM0/1_, CM0/1_). 1.4 16V (BM0B, CM0B). 1.5 dCi (BM02, BM13, BM2A, CM02, CM13). 1.5 dCi (BM0F, BM0T, BM2B, CM0F, CM0T). 1.5 dCi (BM16, CM16). 1.5 dCi (BM1E, CM1E). 1.5 dCi (BM1F, CM1F). 1.6 16V (BM0C, CM0C). 1.9 dCi (BM0G, CM0G). 2.0 16V (BM0U, CM0U). 2.0 16V Turbo. 2.0 dCi (BM1K, CM1K). MEGANE II Coupé-Cabriolet (EM0/1_). 1.5 dCi (EM16). 1.5 dCi (EM1E). MEGANE II Estate (KM0/1_). 1.5 dCi (KM02, KM13). 1.5 dCi (KM0F, KM0T, KM2B). 1.5 dCi (KM16). 1.5 dCi (KM16, KM1E). 1.5 dCi (KM1F). 1.6 16V Hi-Flex. 1.9 dCi (KMRG, KM1G, KM0G, KM2C). MEGANE II Saloon (LM0/1_). 1.5 dCi (LM02, LM13, LM2A). 1.5 dCi (LM0F, LM0T, LM2B). 1.5 dCi (LM16). 1.5 dCi (LM1E). 1.5 dCi (LM1F). 1.6 16V (LM1R, LM0C). 1.9 dCi (LM0G, LM1G, LM2C). 1.9 dCi (LM14, LM1D). 1.4 (JM0B, JM0H, JM1A). 1.5 dCi (JM0F). 1.5 dCi (JM16). 1.5 dCi (JM1E, JM16). 1.5 dCi (JM1F). 1.6 (JM0C, JM0J, JM1B). 1.6 16V (JM1R). Construction year from : 05/2005, Vehicle Equipment : for vehicles with power steering. 2.0 (JM05, JM0U, JM1N, JM1U, JM2V). 2.0 16V Turbo (JM0W). IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT PART FITMENT TO VEHICLE. Cars have different modifications and options, even if your model is mentioned in listing it does not guarantee that the item will fit your car 100% and therefore YOU ALSO NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT ORIGINAL PART NUMBER FOR NEEDED PART IS MENTIONED IN LISTING ITEM SPECIFICS SECTION. We will give you proper part number for needed spare part. Packages sent by courier require signature. If you need our assistance, please let us to know. If you see that the package that courier tries to deliver is damaged, please fill up the claim form or do not accept it. NOTIFY US right away, we will arrange a replacement/reimburse your order A. Custom or special orders. Please let us to know if you have not received our feedback, we will give feedback manually. If you can not find part you need, please send your car VIN (chassis number) and indicate what you need and we will send you link to listing where need spare part is. If needed part is not yet listed, we can activate listing with needed part in case if we can provide it. We sell only new original (genuine) and aftermarket parts, therefore if you search for discontinued car parts from very old or very exotic cars, we will not help you. This item is in the category “Auto & Motorrad: Teile\Autoteile & Zubehör\Federung & Lenkung\Lenkgetriebe & -gehäuse”. The seller is “” and is located in this country: LV. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Hersteller: TRW
  • Herstellernummer: JRM487
  • EAN: 3322937522781
  • Produktart: Steering Gear
  • OE/OEM Referenznummer(n): RENAULT 49 00 165 14R, RENAULT 77 11 368 394, RENAULT 82 00 088 495, RENAULT 82 00 324 632, RENAULT 82 00 463 517, RENAULT 82 00 666 756
  • Referenznummer(n) OEM: DA SILVA DM3060, ERA Benelux SR22112, GENERAL RICAMBI RE4055, LENCO SGA920L, LIZARTE 06.70.1405, LIZARTE 06.70.1406, SPIDAN 52420, Test_Bosch 8001934, TRISCAN 851025307, TRISCAN 851025444, URW 30-82034
  • Gebr-Nummer(s): JRM487, A0002660, A0005244, JRM544
  • Manufacturer Restriction: TRW
  • Operating Mode: Mechanical
  • Left-/right-hand drive vehicle: for left-hand drive vehicles
  • Supplementary Article/Info 2: with heat shield

TRW JRM487 Steering Gear for Renault



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